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find out how Sorrel Equestrian Consulting can help you take your passion to college

Riding in college isn’t usually a linear process. Depending on your goals, getting recruited to ride on the team of your dreams can become quite complicated. I offer different levels of services to make myself accessible to all levels of equestrians. If you are looking to ride on an IHSA club team, you may decide a few phone calls are enough to figure out schools are a good fit, and how you should introduce yourself to the Coach. If you are after a spot on an NCEA team, there are a few more hoops you will need to jump though. NCAA rules regarding recruiting are complicated. In fact, there are even times when Coaches aren’t allowed to return phone calls and emails. To be seen in this process, you need to have a strategy. Since I have been on the other side of this, I know what makes the perfect package. 


What are you looking for in a university? 

One thing that I think can be overlooked during a
young equestrian’s college search is university selection and the idea of choosing a team because the university also fits perfectly. So often, students choose to dive head first into the athletic portion of their search and sometimes forget that they are going to college for a great education as well. To some, the college experience and college town may be what they prioritize and to others a academically driven avenue is what they prefer. Both adventures are just as important as the other and my goal is to help you navigate through the different scenarios that will you will be faced with to help you find what is the best fit for you. If the school doesn’t offer any of your desired majors, or is located somewhere you don’t want to be, even the best riding programs can’t make up for that.


During my time as a Coach, I was also in charge of checking in with our athletic academic advisers and making sure all of our girls were “on track.” Because of this, I have an excellent understanding of what different majors require and what your work-load would look like each week. 

What are you looking for in a team?

At the end of the day, athletic programs across the
country have the same thing to offer in terms of student athlete life, opportunities, and mentorship throughout your collegiate years. My job as your consultant is to help you decipher through all of the little things that help you see the bigger picture. Although I have not been a student athlete on every NCEA team, I do know the questions to ask both the coaches and current student athletes that will help make a decision a little more clear. It is important to know the makeup of each team and where you see yourself fit within that environment to truly know if that is the perfect fit for you or not.

Take a look at our packages below to see what fits your needs. Not sure what you need? Fill out our Best Fit Form and I will contact you about what I think is necessary. 

Want to learn more about your opportunities look like for riding in college? Let’s schedule a time to talk to see what is really best for you. 

2023 packages


  • 12, 6, or 3 Month membership

  • Bio on Sorrel Equestrian Consultant Website 

  • Unlimited email 

  • Email composure and phone call coaching for College Coaches

  • Official and Unofficial Visit Prep

  • NCAA Guidance

  • IHSA Guidance

  • Admission Guidance 

  • Developing Advantage Equestrian Techniques

  • Day Evaluation - In Person       (Depending on Location)

    • Riding

    • Best Fit Form

    • Set goals - Athletic and Academic

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