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Recruiting Videos: The Dos and Don'ts

Most of the time, a coaches first impression comes from your recruiting video. The goal of this video is to grab their attention and show that you would be a great addition to their team! Use these six easy tips to make your video stand out.

Tip 1

Videos can be short and sweet! Show your very best rides, don't include content you are not 100% confident about.

Tip 2

Include a description of each horse in your video, including how many times you've ridden it. If it's your own horse, let coaches know how often you ride him/her.

Tip 3

If you have the opportunity, ride several horses in your video. Coaches love to see a versatile rider. Show that you are comfortable riding different horses since that's what you'll have to do on a team.

Tip 4

Your video doesn't have to be fancy. Don't worry about perfecting iMovie, use your time to put together the best clips of you and to add horse descriptions! Natural sound is fine and normal fonts and transitions are too.

Tip 5

Your video can have both showing and at home content. Your video doesn't have to be one or the other. But if you only have one type of video, that is fine too.

Tip 6

If you are a jumping seat rider, include jumping and flat videos. You can even look up NCEA flat patterns to showcase in your video.

Interested in having a one on one conversation with Ruth about recruiting videos? Contact her at!

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